about me

Hi, my name is Cody


In order to know how I work today, we would have to travel to rural Kansas. I was born and raised in those wheat fields and wide open spaces.  I learned the value of connection and inspiration from my daily surroundings. With a knack for an adventurous lifestyle I picked up a camera in order to document the people and places I visited. 

Today, my photography falls uniquely between the constant search for adventure and the lifestyle of my surroundings. Passionate about social impact, humanitarian efforts, and personal growth, I spend my personal time making deep connections and sharing inspiration when possible. 


working with me

I know you have a lot of choices in who you work with. My goal is to become an extension of your team for each project. You can breathe easy, knowing that I’m fulfilling your brand’s vision and applying my style. The key to a successful partnership is trust. This is why I always schedule a real conversation about your brand, initiatives, and goals for our partnership. This allows space for us to get to know each other and decide if partnering up makes sense.


the name Howardventurous

began as a honeymoon travel blog idea, but gained a life of it's own. A play on my last name and my perspective on life, Howardventurous acts as a personal reminder to enjoy life's unpredictable adventures. 


Featured Partnerships

Munk Pack | The Robey Chicago